May 17th: Hoochie Koo is in NYC
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The next Hoochie Koo will be on SATURDAY MAY 19TH, 2018 at ROADRUNNER's PARADISE.

Doors open 21:00, admission is € 15 or just € 10 if you have a Hoochie Koo Membercard.
The Hoochie Koo is a series of events hosted by Don Rogall, inspired by the risqué rock'n'roll lifestyle of the early days.


Contains 50s & 60s Rhythm 'n' Blues, original Roots of Soundsystem dancefloor, Gogo dancing, Noir Velvet Blues Lounge, Burlesque with a twist and Live music.

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New Location:


Saarbrücker Str. 24 / 10405 Berlin
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Native New Yorker SAUDIA YOUNG rips the room apart with her powerhouse voice that is equal parts satin and sand. Fuses exotic rhythms with raw R&B grooves, her Noir Rockabilly Blues burns like a distillery and will send you onto the dancefloor in delirious spasms and shakes.
Primitive Blues & Rhythm Stomp from Sir Bald aka HIPBONE SLIM! He sings whilst strumming guitar, blowing harp and banging drums and things with his feet!
When Don Rogall is behind the DJ booth, it's virtually impossible not to dance. Even if you've got two left feet. Even if you're an impassive misanthrope who habitually hunches over your drink. Don slips a 7" gem from its sleeve, places the needle gently along a track, and the speakers erupt in a gritty groove with such a gravitational pull, your head starts bobbing, your toes twitching, and then you're hauled to your feet, riding that sweet funky rhythm ...
GOGO DANCING ! Our own gogo krew amps up the vamp with their fringe flying moves. Catch them heating up the dance floor with a well-placed watusi.
These kamikaze kittens sure know how to get their hot pants in a twist!